1) In what rooms can I use wall units?

Pozzi Armadi wall units can be installed in most interiors of your abode – the living room, bedroom, bathroom, storage area, and washroom. Thanks to these furnishings, you can create, modify, and model your interior based on your need for space and the home project, creating an abode that is completely made-to-measure.

2) What are the advantages of wall units, compared to plasterboard walls?

The use of wall units does not include any structural modification of the walls and the home, for example the construction of walls in plasterboard or masonry. Once, installed, the wall units allow you to gain the space you want – for example a walk-in closet or a partition wall (creating another room), or even a storage area or washroom, as if they were walls built in masonry. You can create practical opening on these units, based on the angles of the walls.

3) Are the wall units safe?

The wall units are built in honeycomb wood, with a standard thickness of 6 cm. Width, thickness and sizes can be customized and tailored to your needs.

4) Can I add wallpaper to the wall units?

Yes, of course. Wallpaper can be applied following standard procedures and methods, without any additional work.

5) Can the wall units be painted?

Yes, the wall units can be painted like a normal wood wall, using water-based products.

6) Can I drill into the wall units?

Yes, you can drill and create space in the wall units in order to add lighting, if desired.